How to Clean Your Aquafarm Aquaponics System

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How to Clean Your Aquafarm Aquaponics System

As I’ve read the different reviews of the Aquafarm Mini-Aquaponics System I keep seeing people talk about how it gets “dirty”

So I figured I would show you how I go about cleaning this system.

I do it in 7Cleaning the Aquafarm steps.

  1. Take the system to a sink or bathtub and put the top of the system where the plants grow on to a bucket.
  2. Take the plant reservoir (or whatever it’s called) pull the air tube out and dump all the fish poo down the drain.  I then use an old toothbrush to scrub off any extra leftover gunk.
  3. To clean the tube that gets filled will all kinds of nasty stuff I take a good ole fashioned piece of paper towel, wet it and use a chop stick to push the papertowel through to the bottom.  Then I flip it over and push it back through and rinse and repeat until the thing is clean.
  4. For the walls of the fish tank that get algae and what not built up on them.  I use a fish tank magnetic scrubber.  I don’t know how to explain it.  You put on part of the scrubber on the inside of the fish tank and the other on the outside and they stick together via magnets.  This also keeps you from having to go elbow deep in dirty water.  Just scrub up and down until the glass is clean.
  5. Then run some water through the air hose to clean it of the gunk on that.  Make sure this gets dry so you don’t have water dripping into your air pump.
  6. Take a jar and remove a bunch of the water.  I take this water and pour it into my bigger system on the back porch.  Then I take some of the water from that system that already has the beneficial bacteria and what not and replace the water I took out of the Aquafarm.
  7. Then you put it all back together and give the system a chance to pump the water into the reservoir and it will clean itself up to like new.


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