Vertical to DWC Backporch Apartment Aquaponics System

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Vertical to DWC Backporch Apartment Aquaponics System


I re-did my back porch system (again!)…

After the interview I did with Nate Storey over at I really wanted to integrate the ZipGrow towers into our system and we are leaning more and more towards using only ZipGrow Towers in our Urban Aquaponics Farm we are wanting to do with the homeless here in Waikiki.  For a couple reasons:

  1. They are light weight and easily transportable.
  2. You can take the your growbed to the store….literally.
  3. Because you can take the growbed to the store you also cut out 60% of the production cost of harvesting and packaging and what not because you can do live instore displays where people clip off their own herbs or spices or whatever.
  4. The live display feature creates a higher value product and you can charge premium prices on it.

All that being said…I wanted to test this out at my place first.

I have also wanted to test out a DWC Raft system.  I had a small scale one in our previous back porch system but wanted to try out the trough style.

System Design:

The system is designed to pump directly from the DWC trough that is also doubling as a sump on one side.  The water gets pumped up to the Vertical Towers and then drains back to the sump.  The pump also pumps to the fish tank that is using a solids lift over flow to keep the water in the fish tank level.  So…if you’re speaking aquaponics lingo it’s a CHIFT PIST system (Constant Height In Fish Tank, Pump In Sump Tank).

When I first set it up the towers drained into the trough and so did the fish tank with all the solid fish poo.  A lot of people said this didn’t matter on a small scale like this but I didn’t like it and I also had an idea to start seedlings in a container below the ZipGrow towers.

So I came up with an idea to use one of our old concrete mixing tubs from Home Depot as a solids filter, a seed starting system and also a way to pre cycle media to use in other systems.

I will keep you updated on the system.

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